Department of Public Instruction: High School Principals' Annual Reports, 1918-2004


The Department of Public Instruction High School Principals' Annual Reports were prepared by school principals and provide information on school organization, teachers, courses taught, school equipment, and lists of graduates. These reports were maintained by the Division of Instructional Services (1918-1964), the General Education Section (1964- 1967), and the Program Services Area (1967-1971). The reports for 1955-1967 also include the principals' preliminary reports which were submitted at the beginning of the school year. For graduation lists and graduate surveys, 1971-2004, see the Division of Communication Services, Statistical Research and Data Center, Survey Analysis Unit: High School Graduates Survey Reports File, and Lists of High School Graduates (MARS 1.20)

For the annual reports and lists of graduates for black high schools, 1922-1950, see the Division of Negro Education, High School Principals' Annual Reports and Lists of Graduates. (Record ID 104.342). There are no preliminary reports from black high schools for the years 1955-1961.

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