Secretary of State, Land Office: Land Grant Records, 1693-1959


Reference staff members of the State Archives will search three classes of indexed land grant records. These include the following:

  • Secretary of State, Land Office (Colonial and State): Land Entries, Warrants, and other Related Records, 1693-1959
  • Secretary of State, Land Office (Colonial): Granville Proprietary Land Office, Grants of Deed, 1748-1763
  • Secretary of State, Land Office (Colonial): Granville Proprietary Land Office, Land Entries, Warrants, and Plats of Survey, 1748-1763

These records are indexed by the name of the grantee, or buyer, in the MARS catalog. Materials included among these three classes of records are land warrants (including military warrants issued as a reward for Revolutionary War service in the Continental Line), plats of survey, and receipts for land purchases, which provide supporting documentation for the issuance of land grants, and original copies of deeds issued by the Granville District Proprietary Land Office. In the event that warrants, or other related records have not survived, as indicated in the MARS catalog, reference staff members will provide a copy of the recorded land grant, as recorded in Secretary of State Patent Books.

Records of the Secretary of State, Land Office may also be available on third party websites, such as NC Land Grants Images and Media. The State Archives provides links to many of these collections in its Digital Collection. For more information about land records and other records from the Secretary of State's Office, please see the guide to this collection.