Treasurer and Comptroller: Revolutionary War Army Accounts


The Treasurer and Comptrollers' Revolutionary War Army Accounts consist of books, accounts, abstracts, lists, warrants, registers, certificates, receipts, reports, resolutions, ordinances, correspondence, and memoranda concerning the issuance and redemption of certificates or vouchers for Revolutionary War and postwar frontier militia service, and for supplies and provisions rendered to Continental and militia forces. The records also relate to the settlement of the state claim against the federal government for expenses incurred in the prosecution of the war. The account books are of various kinds, some created in the office of the treasurer and some by the comptroller, and they record both the issuance and redemption of certificates. Others relate to several postwar efforts to settle accounts of individual soldiers and the North Carolina claim against the United States.

The other records include lists of certificates paid into the treasury for taxes or land entry fees, 1780-1795; counterfeit certificates; miscellaneous accounts, lists, and affidavits; and General Assembly resolutions concerning the issuance and redemption of certificates. There are as well abstracts of certificates presented as claims against the United States, usually including the number of the certificate, date of issue, by whom and to whom issued, and the amount of principal and interest. Records relating to the settlement of the North Carolina claim include accounts and abstracts of state credits and debits, expense accounts and warrants in favor of the state claim commissioners, presentments of the commissioners to the General Assembly and Congress, and congressional and legislative resolutions and committee reports. The series also includes the Register of the Continental Line, 1776-1783, compiled in 1791 from pay and muster rolls; and a copy of the printed abstract of the several settlements of Revolutionary army accounts, ca. 1794.

Entries in these volumes are indexed in the MARS catalog. For more information about the contents of each volume, see the guide to the Treasurer and Comptrollers' Papers. These records may also be available on third party websites. The State Archives provides links to many of these collections in its Digital Collection.